how to send custom single questionairs to my team & track replys? (i.e. which approach/tool?)

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Question - With the various 365 tools (we have E3 licenses) what's the best approach to:


  1. create custom questions with multiple choice responses (e.g. can you check if you have X Y or Z and let me know, or confirm when you have done Y, etc) to send to team members.   Might send one or two a day
  2. track who has responded with what - so ideally be able to see a summary such as 
    - click on question sent and see status of who has responded and with what
    - see a summary of all questions down the rows of the table, and across the columns each team member and who has responded to what


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When composing a message, click the … on the input box and select Forms, then enter your questions. Similarly, you can use the Polly app, and a number of other apps that integrate with Teams.