How to select desired Pivot table rows by slicer instead of always opening the field list-Excel 2016

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I'm working on a volunteer project which sums the population in a hierarchical fashion: Region, District, Division, Village etc. Each higher level contains the population numbers of levels below  it. When I select District for example, I want the names and numbers for each of the districts across the country, without the long list of associated granularity from levels below.  Or if its a lower level, the data without being nested in higher levels.   I have to open the field list each time now and select or deselect the levels.   I also have replicated the pivot table several times and selected a different level in each table.  But I am not the ultimate user and multiple tables or opening the field list does not work well for the end user.  Thanks for your help.

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@RonCh11 Here is an abbreviated example file that of the pivot table to illustrate what I would like to achieve.