How to prevent users saving to onedrive

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We use MDT to deploy our worstations and Office365 is installed on the same task sequence.
We have explicitly denied the installation of OneDrive, since we dont want our users to save company documents outside our office perimeters.

However, for some reason, OneDrive not only has been installed on all computers while updating office, but it now offers OneDrive as a default saving location. 

How can we remove OneDrive from all of our workstations or at least prevent people from saving their work to onedrive?

This is a concern for office2016/365 versions. Office2010 and 2007 are still ok. 

<Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Monthly" SourcePath="\\MDTserver02\deployment$\Applications\MicrosoftOffice3652016FIN">
<Product ID="O365BusinessRetail">
<Language ID="fi-FI"/>
<ExcludeApp ID="OneDrive" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
<Updates Enabled="TRUE"/>
<Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE"/>
<Logging Level="Standard" Path="c:\temp"/>
<!--Silent install of 32-Bit Office 365 for Business with Updates and Logging enabled-->

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Hi Adam, thank you for swift response. 

It could be, so I guess this could be moved to win10 forum... Any idea, how to *prevent* Onedrive installing automatically? It is not present when a fresh workstation is set up.

Also, would need instructions to remove this company wide. Cant just send techs to check every workstation.

On a test machine I removed OneDrive from add/remove programs, and rebooted the machine.
Excel still offers OneDrive as a default save location and sure enough, you can still save to OneDrive.

Thanks @adam deltinger ! 
This looks promising

Great! Let us know how it goes!!

@adam deltinger 


Policy created and applied, workstation rebooted. 
Still the default location for saving the documents is OneDrive, and I can save documents from for example excel to OneDrive with no problem.

Can you check if the policy is applied?
Sorry, not a proposal to solution, but what bad decision to do it company wide. There are tons of policies to make Onedrive really secure place to store and access documents from managed devices.
From various experience in the different companies I could say that forbidding something is not an option at all, you will forbid controlled Onedrive, unmanaged tools like Google drive, Dropbox, Box will come into the play where you won't have any control of and that will make things even worse.

One of the examples is to forbid file download \ printing \ syncing from unmanaged devices by creating such policies.

In addition to this Onedrive probably has the best sharing options between the business units, companies etc.
Have to say I agree on above post! It’s just a question of adoption, sufficient security and you got something much better

It's applied

@Arūnas Malūkas 

Thank you for your input, but not knowing anything about the company I work for, I wouldn't label choices other people do bad or good. Atleast for now, OneDrive is not for us, so let's focus on disabling it in this thread.