How to paste logo on the bottom of the slide using slide master?

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to put a logo on each slide I used the slide master. I have such a problem, that for example: if I give a picture on the whole slide, this picture obscures the logo. Can I fix it by not sticking the logo manually on each slide? In slide patterns I put the logo on top, but it did not do anything.


Thanks you for your quick response ;)

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Hi @PetrM2340

On the image which is covering the logo can you write click and select send to back? This should push it to the back behind the logo.

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Hi, @Christopher Hoard 

Unfortunately, it does not work :\


I attach an overview file so that you can see what I have in mind :)


Ah I got you.

It’s probably because you put the actual logo in the Slide master. Using the slide master means the image is on the bottom layer and so this is the default behaviour. It does not overlay on any other you add to the slide. I had this myself in the past.

See article

So some options here

1.) You take the logo out of slide master and overlay it on the other image you added. You can simply copy and paste the slide to ensure the logo stays in the same position on all further slides

2.) You could look to add the other image to the slide master which may resolve it - but I am unsure if you can level on the slide master and even if you could both images will appear on all other slides

3.) You resize the other image to make sure it doesn’t touch the logo

4.) You resize or relocate the logo on the slide master away from the image you want to add on the slide (I.e. bottom corner)

Think of Slide master like the ability of create your own custom theme and layout which would either be the background of the slide or places to frame content. Marketers are typical members of organisations who would use slide master for company branded slides.

Hope that clarifies and helps to answer your question

Best, Chris