How to make modern team site readonly?

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I want to make modern team site as readonly. When I go to site settings I am not able to see the Site Policies option to add new policy. 


Do I need to activate any feature or it is expected behavior?

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This is one of the options that it's hidden in the modern UI: Have you tried to directly type the SIte Policies URL? You can grab it from a classic spo site you have in your tenant
Yes I have tried this. But when i click on Ok button it is giving me beautiful error :

Sorry, something went wrong
An unexpected error has occurred.
Can't just set the permissions on the site to inherit / uninherit and set all to read only?
That is something work around that already known. But how to set site policy in modern site is the question.
In Modern Sites did Microsoft removed this option or still under development?
Don’t know but this could be easily done by going to advanced security add everyone to read
That's what I recommended but says he's trying to do it with the old school policy method, I took a few minutes trying to find out but can't find anything.
I understand your point. But question is that site policy feature was removed?
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t site policy’s about closing and deletion of sites according to site policy? Life cycle management so to speak?
No, the site policy has not be's simple hidden by design. Adam, you are correct, but if you close a site you also put it in read only mode:
Oh, true!! I was thinking of read only in usage point of view
If it is hidden by design, if I open with URL it should work, isn't it?
According to the link it just says it hidden and can be reached with the URL, so so it seems

@Mihir Yelamanchili 


Feature is available in Site Collection feature. Once you enable it , you will able to see in the site settings.

@Mihir Yelamanchili 

Please go to Site settings > Site Collection Administration > Site collection features and activate "Site Policy" feature

You will see Site policies option under Site Collection Administration 

Then you can create read only policy and in site closure and deletion option you can make site as read only.