How to make mail flow rules for approval and handle distribution groups

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There's an account in which we want to approve everything sent.


We tried making a mailflow rule to forward the message for approval, however, what we ran into is that if it sends to a distribution list, it seems to expand the list first, and then send for approval.  This is resulting in hundreds of approval requests and clearly isn't what we want to do.


Basically, what we want to achieve is:

Message from specific account to distribution list(s) -> approve sending to distribution list(s)


Message from specific account to individual email(s) -> approve sending to each individual(s)


What we don't want is for the distribution group to be expanded to individual emails prior to approval.


Is there any way to achieve this?



The distribution cannot be changed in any way.


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Define "in any way"? There are moderation-specific properties on DGs, you can just configure those and avoid the issue you are facing with mail flow rules.

If what you're suggesting modifies the distribution group, than, it's not a valid option here.


1. The group is setup to need approval except for specific accounts.

2. The sender in question here is one of the above accounts

3. The approver(s) for this distribution group is NOT the person who needs to approve outgoing emails for the specific account


The moderation properties of the distribution group are EXACTLY what I cannot change which is why I specifically said I cannot make changes to the distribution group.