How to make a oneDrive copy of shared readonly file

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TLDR; how to make a copy of shared read-only Word doc in onedrive.



I've shared a file with my students using an "anyone with the link can view" url.


I need the students to be able to make their own copy of the file on their own OneDrive. But they can't directly make a copy using a "view only" link


If the file as shared as "editable" and the file is opened by a student, there will be a "Save as" option in the File menu. But the "save as"  (and all the menus) are unavailable in "View only mode".


I could have the students "download" my file and then upload a copy to their OneDrive, but that seems clunky and I am trying to simplify things. Also, they won't have OneDrive client installed.

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View-only links should also have the Download button, unless you explicitly disable it. Well, I believe it depends on the file type, but Word files should have it.

@Vasil Michev 


There is a download feature, but as I said in the Q, I don't want to download it and upload again. I want to directly copy it from one OneDrive location to another without going through local storage.