How to install 365 updates?

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When I open one of the Office tools; i.e., Excel, there is a message just below the tool bar (ribbon) which says update(s) are available, select here.   I do that, and it appears to download something, but but but.  Can't find where the file download; can't see the name of the file to search for it; nothing happens after the download message.  And, of course, the updates available message remains for the next time Office is opened.  

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I'm moving your question to the Office 365 space for better visibility.

Eric, thank you .....  but I thought I had posted in the Office 365 Community.  When I open up your response, the heading across the top of the screen reads:  Home > Office 365 > Office 365 > Re: How to install 365 updates?            Have to admit this series of Communities is not the easiest to use when compared to other types of technical or user forums.    To add to the frustration, there has been no response to my question.  I'm at a loss at to how to find support for my subscription.  And, of course, the update(s) have not been applied because Windows 10 keeps telling me to close apps, says it has downloaded something, but does not show the name of the downloaded file, it does not appear in the Download folder.  Can't use Windows 10 to search for it since I don't know a file name.    

I apologize for any confusion. 


Yes, it is currently in the proper place for discussion, because I moved it here. 


However, you originally posted it here, which is a place to ask general questions about the Tech Community (the site you're on), not about specific products.


If you're looking for immediate support, I'd recommend, which may be a better venue to answer this type of question (troubleshooting specific issues with installation). I'll see what I can do to get this answered for you here.

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Hi Wendy,


Have you tried running an Office repair, as described here? (and if a repair doesn't work, you're going to want to reinstall Office)


This isn't a support site, but if you contact customer support, this is the first thing they'd tell you to try.


Hope that helps.