How to govern extranets in office 365 for the large organization?

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While researching about external sharing and extranet possibilities, I have come across with the following HowTos links:


B2B Extranet -

External Sharing Possibilities -


Can anyone please share the following details?

  1. Difference between external sharing settings in site Vs B2B Extranet site.
  2. Best practices to govern extranets in office 365 for the large organization

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@Dipti Chhatrapati 

SharePoint Online extranet is creating a site collection, and enabling external users to access it.

External sharing settings on the other hand are used to control how users share content  with people outside the organization. 

You can easily view the sharing settings of a given site collection via PowerShell, by filtering for the SharingCapability property.

Typically you want to disable sharing at all levels, except within the designated externally facing site collections of your tenant. This keeps it clean and simple to manage, as you can rest assured only content that is meant to be shared, is shared. There are multiple controls within the general sharing settings of SharePoint Admin Center to fine tune this.

A recent change, that was rolled out to Targeted release tenants, allows you also to securely share with external users despite the users not having a Microsoft Account or an organizational account. This uses a one-time code, which might be more beneficial for those users who are not part of the Microsoft identity ecosystem in any way.

@Zoe333 Thank you for the response - I have been through most of the sharing settings and there are lots of "HowTos" documentations, while I was wondering if there is any documentation/reference links explaining about the strategy/planning/governing/administering "Extranets" in Offic365. However, I could not find it anywhere and have ended raising the query here - Can you please share any?


On the other hand, I can create a site collection in SPO Admin and control the settings for external users by enabling AzureAD B2B, then why should we go for the B2B Extranet site for external users? How does that differ?


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