How to get the OneDrive link for auto download a file?

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I need to download a file from OneDrive which will be automatically download when opening the link.  Dropbox can do it. I wonder if OneDrive can do it.



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@Grace Yin 




If you had either ?download=1 or &download=1 to the end of the URL, it will just pop up with the save dialogue, if the link is set as 'anyone can view'. If I recall correctly, you use &download=1 for Office files and ?download=1 for others, like executables. Worth playing about with it confirm.



Thank you for your reply. I tested and it didn't work. 


I want to download executable file directly when launching the link. ?dl=1 works for Dropbox link but not OneDrive link.





@Grace Yin 

What is the file extension?