How to get the manager with the get-user?

Andy Kw
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I've added managers to a handful of employees with the command line for the purpose of testing


Set-User -Manager Big.Boss

I can see the manager through the graphical interface of Office 365 but when using the get-user cmdlet, nothing is coming.


When looking at the doc, nothing is mentioned though.

Any ideas?



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You should connect to Azure AD and run Get-AzureADUserManager

And for adding manager to Office 365 users you can use Set-AzureADUserManager

Hi P.R,


Thanks for the quick reply.

The Set-AzureADUserManager is only available the azure ad, right?






Yes, you should install Azure AD module for Powershell:


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Get-User should also reflect on the changes though. It might be some delay replication, but that shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

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