How to get O365 Profile Picture populated across all O365 Products?

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I'm trying to figure out how to get all the users profiles pictures properly (ideally in high resolution) populated across all the Office 365 products, including Exchange Online (where it currently works for us), but also in Delve and Planner.

Also, how do I do it centrally, or even scheduled delta updates from a central repository?


I've figured out how to do it for one user through the Exchange Control Panel, but that does not seem to update the picture in Delve or Planner.

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To change your own picture in Office 365 across all products, log into Office 365, then click on the gear in the top-right and go into the Office 365 settings. Once in there, click on "Personal Info" on the left side, then click on the "Change photo" and upload the picture of your choice.


If you want to do this for other users, the only way I'm aware of how to do this is through PowerShell, see the following blog for details on this:


Hope that helps!

Yea, You have some great answers below.

I usually just tell people to use the /editprofile.aspx page

So, when you login to the portal, for example, just add /editprofile.aspx to the end. Its the same place as below but a quick way to get to it.

Four years after my original post (mentioned by Rob Ellis in this thread), I still find this frustrating.  I just published another blog post on my approach for migrating profile pictures:

Hopefully it helps some of those who are also struggling with this. I see some similarities between this and the "demystifying" post also mentioned in this thread.


Lately I've found that I have to run the script I referenced earlier multiple times to get it to work properly. I used to only need to run it once. Now I just give it at least two tries and that usually covers all the Office 365 apps (besides Yammer).


Hi Ivan,

I've had success using the free tool CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365

It connects to your AD Azure instance to populate the user photos, which then populates all other Office 365 services.


If you have photos named, you can bulk uploaded them based on a file name pattern and will attempt to match them with your user AD fields.

The program also allows you to resize the image to a defined size, or just resize it to the maximum supported by Office 365.


Definitely worth a look!



Have used it over