How to find who change the Teams Coexistence mode from Teams only to Island mode

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We have a situation where Teams Coexistence mode changed to Island mode recently and many external users unable to see teams status .


I would like to know how to find who changed the Teams Coexistence mode  .

I tried from Audit log search for Microsoft Teams activities -> changed oranization setting . But did not find any logs.

Is there a way to find out who made changes using admin audit log and powershell



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As per Microsoft's documentation, it should be included under the Changed organization setting when using the Teams - Audit Logs. 


Friendly Name: Changed organization setting

Operation: TeamsTenantSettingChanged

Description: The TeamsTenantSettingChanged operation is logged when the following activities are performed by a global admin in the Microsoft 365 admin center. These activities affect org-wide Teams settings. To learn more, see Manage Teams settings for your organization.
For each of these activities, a description of the setting that was changed (shown in parentheses) is displayed in the Item column in the the audit log search results.


Enables or disables interoperability between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business for the organization (Skype for Business interoperability).


I tried to test it by changing my interoperability from Islands to SkypeForBusinessWithTeamsCollaboration and search it under Audit Log but nothing shows also. I am not sure if it's propagating or loading on the backend but let me check tomorrow. 


Also, try to expand the time on your search. 


Update: Just checked it again but nothing shows up on the Audit Log for Teams - Changed organization setting.