How to disable desktop sync for all SharePoint sites ?

We would like to hide the desktop sync for all SharePoint sites by default and give users the opportunity to only enable this for required document libraries in a ShatePoint site. Are there UI settings to hide this for all SharePoint sites while having this turned on for OneDrive ?
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If you mean to hide the sync option in document libraries, this is something you can configure on per-document library:
Settings -> Document Library Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Allow items from this document library to be downloaded to offline clients? -> No

You could automate this setting using some PowerShell
This setting can be configured at site level as well. This means that we would need to write a power shell script that disables this for all SP sites and configure a job that does this for all newly created sites.
Are you asking or just stating :-)? I'm not sure what you mean by at the site level...can you elaborate?
1. Go to Site Settings > Search and Offline availability (under Search section). You need to be Site Administrator to do this.

2. In the Offline Client Availability section, under Allow items from this site to be downloaded to offline clients?, choose No radio button (default is Yes).
Is ther an alternate way other than scripts to update existing and newly created sites?

@Dominic Horne 

This worked for me.

Be wary of setting global settings like this though, as you don't want to set a blanket rule unless you're sure it won't affect your business process or your governance.