how to convert "in cloud" to "synced from AD"?

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an OU was accidentally omitted in sync scope from AD (200 users)


users was deemed "deleted users" in O365


tried the ff:


- revert and include OU in sync scope

- restore "deleted users"


issue is that restored user are "in cloud" and not "synched from AD"


how to convert "in cloud" to "synced from AD"?

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If they are restored and then in a synced OU, they should match and start to sync again

@adam deltinger  after restoring "deleted User", i ran delta sync, the ad profile was visible in "adds" in sync service manager but the profile in O365 is still "in cloud"

Try running a full sync
If you had to manually restore them, then the sync isn't picking up the OU and the users in it, it should match them right back up and restore them for you, but if you did it ahead of time. as adam said, since adding an OU you probably need a full sync.

users are restored from "deleted users" in O365

which should come first, restoring from "deleted users" in O365 or resynching the OU?

Shouldn't matter, either method will end up with synced accounts. If you do OU first, it'll take the account back active automatically I believe, or if you restore manually first, then sync, it'll update the o365 user and sync to it.
Yeah! Have you tried a full sync yet?