how to check if the email is approved or not in office 365


Hello ,

in our Enterprise .one person authorized sent un email to ditribution list and in this one they are two person taken approval rights.i want to know how i can see if this email is approved and by whom .i have used message trace but i didnt get a result.


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Since the approval messages are just regular emails, you can look for them in the message trace:


[10:42:26][Login script]# Get-MessageTrace | ? {$_.Subject -like "Approve:*"}

Received            Sender Address    Recipient Address                                                           Subject                  Status
--------            --------------    -----------------                                                           -------                  ------
19/01/2019 08:36:53 Approve: test moderation Failed

Now, since we still are unable to filter by subject server-sider, you will have to get all the results, which might take a while for a large tenant.


Thanks .in tis case i have to do message trace for email sent to approval persons or to distribution list ?


also , i can not use this command becaus the email is sent before 30days from now 

You can just "browse" the entire dataset of message trace results, then filter out all the "accepted" messages. But yeah, the message trace data is kept for a limited amount of time, so not useful if more than 30 days have passed. Perhaps you can browse the actual arbitration mailbox, although I haven't bothered to check if this is really possible.