How to backup/Export Multiple mailbox into PST


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Our Management wants to export 100+ mailbox.

Asked Microsoft O365 support they ask me to do it via EDiscovery and Export them.

Just wanted to ask if there is a script that can be run to do the search and i'll just manually export them one by one or also is there a way to export it.


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You're own your own here, Microsoft doesn't provide any tools to export them. Unless you want to do it manually via Outlook that is. There are some 3rd party tools, but they cost some $$$.

Just stop spamming please, if the author is interested in 3rd party tools he's more than capable to do a google search himself.

@vivkebhatt Do you have script only ? Don't want to expend on 3rd party tools.

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Searching on the web, I found an article from Linkedin which seems very useful for those who are looking for a solution to backup/export Office 365 mailbox to PST format.


Have a look at


Hope it works