How to apply policies when user logs in with office 365 account


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so currently I do not get the help I need at Microsoft. So I will try my luck here and hopefully someone can help me. So, in general, some employees do have their private devices and want to use them with our company accounts (private notebook but with company email account). My goal is to protect the laptop in that way, that it is compliant with our company policies (let's say all policies are: BitLocker activated, Defender Updated and active and Current User has a password). 

My problem: Is that possible? And if yes, how? 


Currently, I activated Policies but when I add my O365 Account to Outlook no policy is required. It seems that policies only work when the account is added under Windows Accounts. But no user will add there an account if he also can add the account directly in outlook?

Did I miss anything or did I misunderstand something? Hopefully, someone has an answer for me.


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