How long do username and e-mail changes take for Skype for Business and Teams?


Added additional domain in O365, verified and all. Change a user's domain to the new domain, but they can no longer sign into SKype for Business. In Teams, their address also still shows the old e-mail address in the user's profile.
Does this stuff take a long time to update or something?
If I create a brand new user at the domain and assign O365 license, I can sign in to Skype no problem. So the issue appears to be with people who's sign-in names have *changed*.

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Here's the part where you tell us which property exactly you changed and which tool you used to do so. Generally speaking, there are few attributes that play a role: UPN (what you need to enter when prompted for credentials), primary SMTP address (what Outlook uses), SIP address (what SfB uses). Ideally, all these should have the same value, but depending on what you changed and where, there might be a mismatch. Also, changing things server-side doesn't always reflect them in clients, sometimes you have to recreate the profile.

Changed AD attributes:
UPN (the domain)
Email attribute (the domain)
ProxyAddresses: added alias but kept old domain as primary SMTP.
This updated all of O365.

Issue resolved by reverting back to old domain, letting sync. Waiting 2 hrs, then updated attributes again except in addition, removed sip address entry from proxyAddresses. Let sync. Waited 2 hrs. All is now working.