How does one add a specific contact to the Shared contacts folder? Off365 Bus Ess, Outlook Web Ap.


It seems like this would be an obvious feature, but I can't find it.  There is no 'Share' when viewing a specific contact.


From what I've read contacts can be shared with other users in the same organization by allowing them access to the Shared contacts folder.

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You cannot share a specific contact, just a folder or subfolder.

@Vasil Michev 

That was part of my question, how do you place a contact in the Shared Folder?

Before Sharing the folder.

Simply copy the item there, or create it directly in the folder?

Thanks Vasil,

There is no convenient way of copying the contact to Shared that I can find,  or even a Right Click. Really?

Users must manually re-create  the contact in the shared folder apparently.  This is Lot of Manual work, (in a world of software making things easier?).  We should suggest Microsoft hire a couple software developer that can devote a few hours/month to refine the OWA.  I think they hired staff to market Office 365 rather than improve the user-experience...