How does a SharePoint Term store Admin access the term store?

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I have an end user that I have made an Admin on the SharePoint Term store. If this person does not have SharePoint Admin rights or Owner rights on a SharePoint site, how can they access the Term store to manage values in the Taxonomy?


Essentially I want to give a user rights to be able to mange the Term Store without giving them full SharePoint admin rights or full owner rights on any SharePoint sites.


Thanks in advance for any guidance


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Are you saying he cannot access the relevant tab in the SPO admin center? If so, you can try granting him the Global reader role as a workaround. 

@Vasil Michev thank you for the suggestion, I tried it out by also assigning the user the Global reader role. This did give the user the ability to view the term store but they are still getting a message that they don't have permission to save term store changes even though they are a term store admin (see screenshot below). Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!





Next suggestion would be to open a support request :)