How do I setup email address?

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I am currently using email address. How do I change this to email address which I plan to use for a business I am starting? Will I run into a problem with being marked as spam?


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You cannot "transform" your address into a "" address.

After you create a brand new "" address, you will have, in general, three choices:

  1. Leave the two address independent and use them separately, for example configuring both accounts in Outlook.
  2. Configure a forward rule from one to the other. In this case, the account with the forwarder will immediately send (i.e. push) all the received email to the other. 
  3. Connect one to the other. In this case, one of the accounts will poll at given intervals the other account and possibly download (i.e. pull) existing messages.

Not sure to understand what is your concern about spam...


Thank you Salvatore. Your advice makes me realize that I do indeed want to retain versus replacing it. You explanation of options is helpful too.