How do I set paper size to ARCH D in Excel? (need to make a poster)

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How do I set paper size to ARCH D in Excel?


I found the Page Setup dialog, but ARCH D is not in the Paper Size menu.


I am running Microsoft Excel for Office 365.


I want to make a poster in Excel since Word can't handle anything bigger than 22" x 22".


I have an Office 365 subscription.  I just want to make a poster.




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I know it is little tricky ... you cannot directly print  ARCH D in Excel. 


You need to print to pdf first (Only them the ARCH D option would appear)  then print your PDF :)


Print Excel.jpg


Hope this helps , please let me know if it works


Thanks, Thuyavan, I tried that, but I still don't see ARCH D size.  That's okay, I ended up doing my diagram in PowerPoint where I had no problem setting the slide size to 24" x 36".  Thanks anyway!