How do I grant access to the reports in Security & Complaince?

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I've tried making a user a "Complaince Admin" and an "Organization Manager" and he still can't see anything when he clicks "Reports" (


Is there something else I need to do to give him access?





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Security Reader should be enough, make sure he relogs after you have granted him the role(s). Some reports require additional permissions and/or licenses though.

Thanks Vasil. We're just using the out of the box report dashboard that monitors traffic, etc. Shouldn't need any additional rights for that, right?

Well it does include some additional reports there, and whenever I try to access it with a limtied account I get numerous error popups. I've reported this to the relevant folks at MS long time ago, hopefully they fix it...


We were having the same issues in accessing reports in security and compliance center. We opened a case with Microsoft and got to know the permissions expected by Microsoft for reports. When we faced this issue, the permission requirements were not publicly made available by Microsoft. I am not sure what is the situation now. But this worked for us Perfectly.


  1. Log into Exchange Admin Center(EAC)
  2. Click on Permissions
  3. Click on the + sign to create a new Admin Role
  4. Add a name and description
  5. Leave Write Scope to Default
  6. Click the + under Roles and add the following
  7. Data Loss Prevention
  8. View-Only Configuration
  9. Next add the member(s) – add the account here 
  10. Click save
  11. Now navigate to the Security and Compliance Center
  12. Click on Permissions and click the + sign
  13. Give it name and Description
  14. Add the following roles
  15. Organization Configuration
  16. View-Only Audit Logs
  17. Now add the member(s) and click Save – add the account 

I have done exactly this and more - relogged as the user and the security and compliance dash board does not become an option.