How can I set a employee login page to my company website which is created in wordpress?


Thanks for giving access to this great community. Can I create a tab in the website menu for employee login? So the employees can login and access to all internal forms. My purpose is to avoid paper usage at the very level. Employees are supposed to access this area with their id and fill the forms then send for the approval. Anyone can tell me how is this possible?


Right now we put all the forms in onedrive and shared internally.

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Hello@jabbarsh ! 

Perhaps just do a hyperlink called "Forms" and link that to the Forms URL? 

Or you can probably use a Wordpress plugin for Azure AD sign in? 


Or go more advanced and try to set it up with a App registration in Azure? :) 


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Oliwer Sjöberg

Thanks for the kind information@oliwer_sundgren .


In my company we all together 350 employees and the purpose of this is to avoid paper printouts at the minimum level. We have many E-forms from Annual leave to Settlement. The Staff has to log in to this portal to fill up the details with a digital signature and then forward it to their line manager and to the head of the department. I need to integrate this with our WordPress website. Which is the simpler method? Your opinion is required.


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Hi @jabbarsh 


If you are using Azure Active Directory you can enable WordPress with it to enable SSO.


You can achieve this goal by following


I just checked and WordPress is available in Application catalog of Azure AD, the requirement is to have an existing subscription.



Hope this help!