How Can i make video like that ?

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Two of the most useful tools are OBS and Hit Film 4, both of which are free.


The particular effect in that video are more straight forward than most, as in the main - all that's happening is that two images are being combined. 

Things like Ticks are suddenly sliding up onto the screen.


This is simpler than many people realise, as its just using the green screen or chroma key effect which both OBS and Hitfilm support. So just put an image/icon/logo into anything like powerpoint, word, or anything - and as long as you have a green background, you can then capture and overlay that image on top of the video footage of someone working on their computer.


If you purchase some cheap green A0 paper and stick it to some cardboard - you can also create your own green screen very easily which is how people do those videos where they're just a talking head in the corner of the screen.