How can I find what Compliance Center retention policy is applied to a user mailbox?

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Using MRM policies I know I can easily run the powershell Get-mailbox command to see what MRM retention policy is applied to a user mailbox.  However, in this situation we aren't allowing users to archive, we just wanted a simple retain and delete policy for user mailboxes.  So in testing I removed the MRM policy and created a new policy in the Compliance center so we can just manage it from there and get accustomed to the new method.  It's working correctly, but how can I easily find that this policy is applied to a user mailbox like I could with the retention policy mailbox attribute that seems to only apply to the MRM policy?  Am I missing something obvious in the admin center?


The reason is there will be 2 separate retention policies based on user groups, so for auditing I am looking for a way for the admin to quickly confirm the correct retention policy is applied to an individuals mailbox. 

Thanks for any info to guide me in the right direction.

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@Vasil Michev Thank you very much.  I read so much of this document but was focused on "retention" and not the term "holds".  I didn't realize the "InPlaceHolds" mailbox attribute held this information and then using the Get-Organization commands I can determine what is applied to mailboxes.  Exactly what I was looking for, thanks again.