How can I escalate a case that has been closed in error, and is being ignored?

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I hope everyone is keeping safe and well! I'm seeking some advice based on a poor support experience I'm having.


I have had a ticket open for several months concerning an unusual technical issue that a member of staff is having. This ticket was under investigation by Microsoft when our offices closed for the Christmas holidays, and as the engineer received my out of office advising of the closure when they sent an update, they temporarily archived the case.


Upon my return I e-mailed to request the case be re-opened as it fell comfortably within the 30 day limit to do so. The engineer has refused to do so as "due to the ticket age we cannot redirect the ticket to them" (I presume this means a different team need to investigate), and has now subsequently been ignoring any e-mail. I have escalated to the engineer's manager and other managers that have been involved in the case so far, but no-one has replied and the case remains closed. I am unable to re-open via the portal as that option only remains for 7 days after closure.


As we do not have a Premier Support contract I do not have the option of escalating to an account manager. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact to raise this issue?


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I will recommend you to create a new ticket. As per the policy this case it not eligible to be reopened. Once you have created a new ticket you can add old ticket number as a reference and request escalation.

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I see - this policy wasn't mentioned in the closure e-mail, is it available anywhere online? The only policy mentioned was the timescales to re-open.


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