Hiding Quick Launch menu in SharePoint Online on all pages

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In the Site Settings/Navigation Elements for a (modern) team site, I have disabled Quick Launch. On the front page this works as expected, but when I go to a document library or a list, the Quick Launch is still showing.


It this by design or a bug? Is it possible to hide the Quick Launch menu on all pages in the site?




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Hi Jakob,
The quick launch is disabled if you view in the classic experience. However, as you point out, to me this is by design for modern look. For example, as recently "Pages" link appeared for enabling us to navigate to pages library to create site page. I guess its a case of one step forward and few steps backwards.


Adding @Lincoln might be by design or it might be a me if the setting is available in site settings, it should be applied no matter if we are on classic view or in the new one

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Thanks for reporting this - I will follow up with engineering and get this fixed.  This has always been a site-level setting, and it should continue to be, as Juan suggests.

@Lincoln DeMaris, i am noticing that when the Quick Launch site setting is disabled, we still see a Site Contents link in the left side navigation, which defeats the purpose of hiding the Quick Launch. Is this by design, or another bug?

Hello Lincoln,

Is there an update on this? On our SharePoint Online, I recently created a simple page using the new format. The quick launch shows on new pages in wide configuration, no matter the Enable setting. And when the page is in narrow configuration, the quick launch will not deploy, no matter the Enable setting. Then on Site Contents, the quick launch is shown in wide and is deployable in narrow.



The enable setting seems to only update the old pages (like site settings).

The user-made pages seem to be impervious to deployable quick launch in narrow mode.

Hi @Deleted - thanks for bumping this one; we thought we'd previously addressed it, but there appears to be a regression. We've already made the fix and should be able to get it rolled out to PROD in the next two weeks. Thanks!



Thanks so much for reporting this problem in modern pages.  I have just checked in fix.  you should see it rollout in coming days.

Has this been roll out yet? It has been more than 30 days.

Yes for the SharePoint team site without Publishing feature on this was fixed but noticed that the same fix does not cover the site that is configured with Publishing managed or structured navigation.

Thank you, Ina for the reply.  Do you know when fix will be available for a site that is configured with Publishing managed or structured navigation.

Well, yes "Site Contents" is gone, however Recycle bin stays. Can that be removed as well ? Visitors to my site are not interested in recycle bin.

Thank you for reply.




Hi @Deleted - sorry we missed this follow up question. Yes, support for these data providers in the modern nav on classic sites is now supported - check out help articles (or this thread: for more details.

hi @Tomas Paulas - not at this time. We'd previously added/persisted the recycle bin based on customer feedback. We are looking to make it an editable/hideable field in the new navigation control, but that work hasn't happened yet. Note that only site members and owners will see the link. 

@Sean Squires sorry to be a pain, mate, but how are we still 2 years later no closer to enabling horizontal navigation on modern sites that aren't communications sites?


We've got beautiful hub sites, with the appropriate layouts and everything, then when I try to sell this to people, they're asking, sure ... but what about the obvious menus on the team sites below?


Basically, it's kind of a bit odd all around that we can easily add links to the quick launch, but it's still ruining your carefully designed new modern layout like my old Geocities page. ;)


Currently the best advice for removing these (very 90s/00s) left menus is just 'turn them off' ... it's kind of a bit ... ehh ... I dunno. What can we do here? Some firm guidance or an actually installable fix for SharePoint Online would be grand. :)


((( sorry to drag up an old thread )))