Hide retention policy tags on email?

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We have a default retention policy applied to mailboxes inside the Exchange Online admin console. We haven't migrated to SCC retention yet. That tag is visible at the top of every email on outlook.office.com, Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. I don't see it on Android or iOS Outlook. 


Is it possible to hide retention tags, organization-wide with O365? We found a registry setting to hide it with Windows Outlook, but that is insufficient.


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@Jeff Lamb 


Hi, I'm afraid I know of no way that you could do this, other than the regedit fix you mention - which I presume is this;




What settings do you current have applied via Exchange retention policies and tags?  They are quite limited in functionality in that they will only delete or move to archive.  The SCC Information Governance is far more powerful and allows you to immutably preserve the content to which you apply your policies, and also applies to a wider range of Microsoft 365 services.

@PeterRising - Thank you for your reply. We're not looking for a platform-specific policy. In-fact, we already have the registry value in our toolbox for the Windows outlook. We are looking for a way to hide the tag on all platforms - Web, Mac, etc.


The actions of the tag/labels are not important for this effort. We are looking for just the ability to hide the tag itself.

@Jeff Lamb 


Well, if you do not want/need the tags, you can always remove those tags from the retention policy (if I have understood what you want to do correctly)? :smile:

@PeterRising - We need the tags, so that our retention policy actually works. We just don't want to see them.