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I am new to this and would like information on how to set up flow.  In our organization we will need to have to Purchase Requests that I have built but when it comes to purchase authorizations, they will need to go to different managers for approvals (depending on limits of authorization).  Are we able to set this up in Flows? 

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Yes, this is similar to my flow I did recently for automated Adobe Sign flow that collection additional signatures based on amount of the AFE requests. You nest conditions checking the value and then you would have different managers based on the amount be in each of those. Obviously it could be more complicated than that depending on the requirements but for a basic dynamic flow with the same set of people that can be dynamic this approach works. 



@Chris Webb  Thank you.  By any chance can you provide me with step by step instructions (if you have any)  I am new to this and my employer wants this set up quickly. Unfortunately, our IT dept doesn't have any information. 

Hi @jessicahernandez1980б, it looks like your employer has to stimulate the IT stuff.