Help with exporting Outlook contacts automatically

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Hello everyone,


is there a way I can export Outlook contacts to PST, CSV or whatever file automatically (I know there is a manual way but I want to create this backup automatic for example every 2 months). For example with CMD script? I've been searching the internet for that past week and I couldn't find anything in particular...

I don't think I have access to Exchange Powershell since we use Office365? I don't have a lot of knowledge behind this mail thing. Any help would be appreciated. =)

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Not without using some code-based solution, a macro, EWS, etc. Power Automate should be simple enough, so give that a try: Search available templates | Microsoft Power Automate

@Vasil Michevhello, thank you for you answer but the link you provided doesn't help me with anything? Could you explain it to me a bit?



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Power Automate is a "no code" solution that allows you to automate some tasks, such as the one you're querying about. While there is no ready-to-use template for exactly that, you can start from one of the available "Outlook contacts" templates and modify it per your needs.

@Vasil Michev 

Thank you I've tried the option "Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts" and setup the accounts. After testing the import, it says everything went successful but on Google Contacts account there is no contacts created...
If I click on the l link under Contacts folder I get all the contacts in JSON format, but Apply to each Google line is greyed out. What does that mean?



Okay never mind my previous answer, I have found a way how to do it I created a new block with Google Contacts -> Create a Contact v2.