Groups provisioning options


We need greater control of the Groups provisioning process. Especially the SharePoint content.


We need to be able to set a few things, either globally in the administration console; by code or in the UI.


We must be able to select the followings:

  • - Default path for groups. We want standard sites under /Sites and Groups under /Teams. We only have on global setting in the admin console.
  • - Timezone. Not everyone work in the Redmond timezone.
  • - Delault language. Once the tenant created, the default cannot be changed. We need a way to change the default and/or set it by site.

There are uservoices for these items in both SharePoint and Office 365 area.


I saw a roadmap item trhat seems to be related but have no details. Can we get some information about it?

SharePoint: select a language at site creation

It will be possible for site owners to select a language for their site at the time they create it during the self-service site creation process from SharePoint home in Office 365; using the "Create site" button. Previously this was only available to do by admins from the SharePoint admin center in Office 365. There are approximately 50 languages available in the service to choose from. You select this at the same time you choose the site design, name, description and classification.

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We can only set default language at creation time for classic sites. If we create a modern team site, we cannot. It is possible to enable / disable languages afterward and change the timezone but not the default language.

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It contains a few answers. 

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