Graph in Word not showing labels correctly (when using Name Manager in Excel to select data)



My Word-graph is not showing labels correctly. The graph is copied from Excel, and data is linked.


See screenshot below.

  • Left side: my source data and graph (in Excel) with labels showing up correctly
  • Right side: same graph in Word, where the labels are showing index values


NB! Please take note; my data for the source graph in Excel is dynamically being selected with the use of Name Manager, selecting only non-zero rows. It seems to be this particular step that creates the problem with 1,2,3, etc. being shown as lables instead of the text descriptions.


Does anyone know how I could fix this?




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@Tormod Solem Slupphaug Try this: Highlight the cells on which the graph is sitting on (so not the chart itself, but the cells it's on) - then copy and paste as link. 

@Leila Gharani If I understand you correctly, that would simply leave me back at the start: with a range without the possibility to dynamically skip/ignore blanks. The whole clue of your guide was to use Name Manager as data selection to sort out blanks in the final graph.


Am I missing something?

@Tormod Solem Slupphaug 

This way the graph in Word will be exactly what you see in Excel. If Excel changes, the Word graph will change too. 



@Leila Gharani Yes, but if I do that, I loose the dynamic skipping of blank cells (since the graph in Word is now set to show the whole range, and not just the "non-blanks" using Name Manager).

@Tormod Solem Slupphaug  Sorry - I missed your response here. 

An option is to use a technique like this:

Then once the chart is already fixed on the Excel side, then link the result to Word.

Not sure if that would work with your data organization. 

You can't do filtering or editing the chart in Word - it has to be done in the source.

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Yepp, this was the guide I followed (see link in my first post). Strangely, when using Name Manager to select data for the graph, the labels are being replaced by numbers when copying the graph from Excel to a Word document.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find a non-vba solution to this, but I've fixed it by running a macro that sorts out blanks, instead of using Name Manager, so problem solved. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for following up on my questions Leila.