google marking office 365 emails as spam

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We have an Office 365 business subscription for our business and use Outlook 365 client to send emails. While all our emails a non Google email centrepiece, email recipients using Google email service providers particularly are complaining our emails land in their spam folder. I have tested this with 15 odd GSuite email accounts to whom I never emailed before. 


Any help?

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There can be a number of reasons for that, at the very least check the email headers as they will often reveal additional information as to why a given message might have been marked as spam. For example, SPF or DKIM/DMARC failure, blacklisted IP, etc.

Assuming all of these setting to be correct with, what else could be the problem?

Domain is not blacklisted.

@DanManoharan as Vasil already mentioned, analyzing the email header would be the best way to identify why emails got marked as junk. Also Google can help if you open a support request and I'm sure they have a good explanation for it.