Global settings for Inclusive writing style

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O365 has "inclusiveness" settings that monitor for writing style. Here is a link that shows how a user can set them.


We'd like to set this for the whole organization. Is this possible? Where would I set them?
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@Michael Martel Hello, the link has nothing to do with what you're asking about. The "inclusiveness" settings you're referring to is an AI tool named the 'Editor' and you can view these settings under the Office proofing options. It's a feature that comes with O365. I do not know how to enable all the inclusiveness check boxes for all users but to enable the feature you need to allow "Connected experiences that analyze your content" with a policy. Perhaps it's not even configured? Then it will be available by default.


Attaching the link just in case.


'Policy setting for connected experiences that analyze your content'



Sorry about that I changed the link. I guessing there is a Powershell script to enable for all users. Hoping someone knows what it is.

@Michael Martel Hello, I asked a question here


You should have been notified as I @mentioned you.

@Michael Martel 

How can an admin configure the inclusiveness settings for Microsoft Word globally for all users in an organization? We are trying to push a new Office 365 update and want to have this setting pushed for all users. Do we have to use GPO - if so - how?

I would like to know this too. We figured out how to hack the registry but it seems to change with each version of Office.