Getting warning in admin portal that 200 users need valid licenses

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I have total of 600 users and have assigned licenses to them but from sometimes i am getting warning in the portal that some of the user licenses have expired and need valid license..
I was trying to get any powershell command so that i can see the list of users whose license have expired.
Kindly help me creating the command.
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If I had to guess it's probably a free trial license of myanalytics or powerBI pro etc. that might have been activated that is causing this. Just look on your License page in admin center and you should be able to see the subscriptions there / trials and how many users with expire dates.

I have the same problem, because I create security groups in Azure ad, to license massively and now there are 220 users that indicate that they need a valid license, but I do not know who these users are, they know some script or PS command, to know which ones are? Thanks