GDPR compliance - small organisation wanting global presence ie: one email domain. No Multi geo

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We are a 150 seat company with office's in UK, Denmark and Australia.

We have our largest presence in AU.

We have a 365 tenant in DK and AU and are wanting to bring onboard our UK company.

Our goal is a unified branding on

We can't bring UK users mail / data into our AU tenant due to GDPR laws.

So what options do we have? There is no multigeo support for organisations of our size.

We could have separate tenants with and domains. - Is there any option to route mail between tenants ie: treat subdomain tenant like an on-prem exchange server?


Has anyone found a roadmap to navigate the multigeo ether that Microsoft has left small orgnisations in after GDPR laws have come into play?


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Multi-geo does not relate to GDPR requirements, there is not clause therein mentioning that data should be stored in a specific location. Make sure the other requirements are met and don't worry about data residency, unless you have other regulations requiring this.