Function SUMA problem

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I have a problem with the SUMA_Ai_Tci function. An argument error is returned when the function is called. (the compiler does not indicate an error)
The Tc function works correctly.

I am asking for a hint as to how to find a mistake.


Option Explicit

Function SUMA_Ai_Tci (n As Byte, x As Double, Ai) As Double


'The function calculates the sum of the coefficient products
'Ai (i) and Chebyshev polynomial of the order i [A (i) * Tc (i, x)]
'for -1 <=x <=1.
     Dim i, j As Byte
     Dim S As Double
     S = 0 #

     For i = 1 To n
         S = S + Ai (i) * Tc (i, x)
         ActiveCell.Range ("A1"). Select
         ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = S
         ActiveCell.Range ("A2"). Select
     Next i

     SUMA_Ai_Tci = S
End Function 'SUMA


Function Tc (n, x)
'The Tc function calculates the orthogonal value
'Chebyshev polynomial of order n for -1 <= x <= 1
     Dim and As Byte
     Dim R, S, T As Double

     Select Case n
         Case Is = 0
             Tc = 1

         Case Is = 1
             Tc = x

         Case Is> 1
             R = 1
             S = x
             For i = 2 To n
                 T = 2 * x * S - R
                 R = S
                 S = T
             Next i
             Tc = T
     End Select

End Function 'Tc



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