Frequent login prompts to the Outlook Desktop and Mobile Apps


Office 2013 installed (ISO version not click to run)
Outlook for IOS
Outlook for Android
Modern Authentication enabled
Microsoft Authenticator App used

Outlook 2013
Some users are prompted every day to login to Office 365 when launching Outlook. I have tried to clear down content in Credential Manager and have made sure the Logon Network Security is set to Anonymous Authentication in Outlook.

Outlook App
Periodically handset users (IOS and Android) will be asked to authenticate to the app. Because I have MFA set up, they have to enter their password and then accept the Authenticator App prompt.

It is getting that bad, where I am considering going back to the native mail clients using an App Password. In this scenario, users never get a prompt at all.

Is there some backend setting I could change to decrease the frequency of prompt or is this a common issue?

Any advice would be welcome.

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Maybe it is an open door kicking in, but have you set "Allow users to remember multi-factor authentication on devices they trust"
Days before a device must re-authenticate (1-60)

Hi Peter,


As I understand it, the way the Access and Refresh tokens work, you should not get a prompt for at least 90 days unless there has been a gap of 14 days.


I will take a look at the check box but I am not sure if this is visible to handset users who have a much harder time entering in their passwords.

I am still having this issue with multiple users within my organization and other than clearing the credential manager and having them restart and checking off remember password it continues to ask for passwords even when the manager shows its listed and saved. does anyone still have any updates or ideas? 



For most users of Outlook Desktop app, the clear down of Credential Manager normally fixes it for me.


If you are using AD Connect, you might consider implementing Sign Sign On which will negate the need for users to enter a password when present with an authentication dialog box.


Fairly straightforward to implement and works OK for me.


See the link below for more details:-


AD Connect Single Sign On


Hi Chris, 


we already have single sign on implemented across the organization. any other ideas to try? 


As a side note, the prompt is being confused as if it is a home as well as a SSO organization profile.