Forward mail to a Guest Mail user

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Hi Folks,

Ive seen a couple of posts around this topic but never really found an answer that fits my scenario.

We have our tenant ( for the purpose of this discussion) and we recently acquired another org, so we now have - there are plans eventually to merge tenants, but thats quite a while away just now.

Ive been asked to provision email addresses using our primary company email domain on - which will forward mail across to users on their address.


Im running into issues because a considerable number of users have been added to a variety of teams and Sharepoint resources in our Tenant A - thus creating "Guest Mail Users" - the number of resources that have been shared are likely too many to re-create at this stage.


Whats the appropriate way for me to set up a forward email address in this instance? 





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Set it on the MailUser object representing the Guest user within Exchange Online.