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I need help with a formula I am trying out for the very first time.


this is regarding a production process concept.

I get the following info

1. The the number of hours each machine was on per shift.

2. The total number of units manufactured in that time.

Total production / number of hours = Production rate per hour

basically I want my output to look something like this:             200/hr

Where the 200 will be from the formula: =f2/g2

the text will be the:   /hr

I've tried the single and double aphostrephe. tried the formula in brackets, tried the text in brackets.

Can't seem to get it right.

This is probable something simple? Can you assist me please

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If I got your issue correctly this should do the trick: A1/B1&"/hr"

Let me know how it goes.

@Ricardo Viana 

& that is all that was missing - Gonna slam my head against the wall.


Thanx it works great. just had to add the round function cause I was getting a very long point something something ect number.


Again thank you

Enjoy your day