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hello, i set up a basic form using Excel Forms online at Office 365.  Checked "receive email notification..", 


currently not receiving anything.   is there other setting/permissions I need?  please advise

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I couldn't get this working either never really looked to see if something was blocking or it wasn't working I just setup a flow to do it instead. I would probably ping Microsoft support since this isn't the first complaint I've seen on here about it so it might not be working.

I've seen a number of recent posts about email notifications in Forms not working. Still not seeing such problem reported in Admin center. I guess not enough users created a support ticket about it with Microsoft. You should do it. It looks like some widespread issue with the service. 

I know this is probably the most obvious question going, but can I check that you go to the Settings of your Form that you have got the checkbox "Email notification of each response" checked? I've just tested this in my tenancy and I've received an email as expected.


If all else fails while you're waiting for yours to be fixed, you could employ a Microsoft Flow based on the "Microsoft Forms: When a new response is submitted" trigger to send you an email.

i can confirm that is selected, which is why i posted. it doesnt work :(
i can implement a flow BUT for some reason the permission does not exist for Outlook from Office 365 to connect to the Form connector...

is there a location to activate this permission for Outlook and the Flow connectors??

Hi Jonathon. I was able to get it to turn on notification. It's working I don't believe it's a global issue. 

The notification came from [ Microsoft Forms <> ] 

Have you tried it again recently? 

I have just tried myself. It is working for me too. Maybe some spam filter is causing them not showing up for others.

@Jonathon Rios 


Hello! Did you ever figure out how to receive emails when a form is completed? I am having the same issue - I even have the appropriate box checked in the settings.


Thank you!