Forgot Password "type these letters" graphic is nearly unreadable

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I could not get office365 admin portal to recognize my password so had to go through the verifications. The first one is a "captcha" like graphic of letters to type in. I could not read any of them. I tried 3 times and miss guessed on all 3, so I tried the audio, that was even worse as there are background voices that render the foreground voice garbled. I even tried my wife and she shook her head on both. It took me looking at 40 different graphics before I found one I thought I might even have a shot at guessing and finally did. I understand the need but it is horribly unhelpful when defeating "AI" means defeating a regular human.

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That's fair feedback, and in general Microsoft should definitely extend the accessibility features to cover things such as the "captchas". Not sure who around here can help with this though, perhaps @Tom Batcheler might know the people responsible for the webpages in question.