Force Skype to use external URLs

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Is there a way to force Skype for Business to use external DNS?


I have two separate entities sharing the same O365 tenant for skype accounts.

The problem is the external organization has it's own local exchange server so autodiscover is causing me issues.

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Hey @Jason Gaffney,


There is no setting to do this at a tenant/organization level. I even went back and checked the admin center to be sure.


If you go into the Skype for buisness client, you can ignore auto configuration, and enter in the values manually to connect. 

You would: Click on the gear on the SfB client -> Personal -> Advanced next to your sign in address.

I have attached a SS showing that option. From there you can manually enter in server information.


I realize going client by client sucks, but there is no other option that I know about to change this. You may be able to make a group policy to deploy skype in this way, but I am sure.