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I have been having an ongoing problem with the font size in received emails using Outlook in my Office 365.  I have a default font set to comic sans 14 pt.  When I type my emails, the program uses this font just fine.  HOWEVER, all received emails come to me in tiny font size (6 pt - 8 pt)  I have poor eyes and this is becoming a problem.  I can find nowhere to set a received email font default.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I found a guide here for 2013 version! You might try if it still applies! Often they might just moved it around a bit!


It is possible that your zoom setting in Outlook is not set at 100%. At the bottom right of Outlook is a zoom bar that you can adjust. I've had mine adjust one me unintentionally when using my laptop.Outlook Zoom.png