Flow - When add a comment send email to member - how to do this?

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Hello, I Use a Microsoft Word document I use to go back and forward with another member who has been invited to the document this is stored via one drive. I would like it if I was to add a comment then the person who is sharing it with me would be automatically sent an email. (to say I've updated)


I am aware you can do this is a document is updated however would like it to be only done with comment to stop too many emails getting sent out when not ready for them to say its ready to look at, many thanks

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Hello @Lewis Whelan,


I took a look through the connectors and do not think this function exists as of right now.


1st, there is no direct connector for Microsoft Word. So there is not a way to action based off of changes to word.


So you would need to be doing this off of OneDrive or SharePoint comments.


Even with that, there is just nothing related to comments in the OneDrive side. I went through and looked at all the actions based on the connector and it is just not there.


I would recommend you give feedback on this desire to the user voice - https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/shared_uservoice/uservoice/


Sorry I could not be of more help!


Many Thanks for the help.


I set up the modify one drive which works well but as mentioned most of the time I like to take time before an email gets sent out. 


Comment added would be a good trigger for when people would be ready for recipients to be notified. a little bit lazy but be useful :)