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We are currently using Flow for an Approval process. During testing we were able to approve directly from our inbox, but users are now reporting that they are being redirected to an Approval Center. It seems the only account able to approve in emails is that account running the Flow.


Can you tell me why this is please? - I have run the Actionable Messages Debugger (add-in) and received the below error:


"Originator - Not Set

You need to set the originator in your payload to make actionable message work beyond your own mailbox. Please go to developer portal to register your provider and set the originator property in your payload."


More info attached.


Do we need to register provider to use the out of the box Approvals?




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Did you ever get anywhere with this?  We've just run into the exact same problem.


Perhaps cc'ing @Merwan Hade can direct someone from the Flow team over here, or someone can move this thread to the Flow section.



I also ran into the same issue.  I reached out to MS Flow support.  They told me its nothing to do with MS Flow.  That I should open a ticket with Outlook /Exchange team.  They Outlook/Exchange team says .. NO.. it is not on their side... now being transferred to the PowerApps team.  Surely Microsoft Support can do better than this! 


@Merwan Hade


Hi all, thank you for reaching out. Apologies for any inconvenience. We are actively investigating a fix for the issue and will let you know once it has been resolved. 

@Robert Tracey@Gilbert Okello@Brent Ellis - could you please send us the Approval mail you receive as an attachment?  Please don't forward the email, but instead include the entire message as an attachment in a new email. Here's the address to send it to: <flowdev@service.microsoft.com>.

Done. Included two examples, as well as some details about our environment and the outputs of the Actionable Message Debugger.

Sample sent... if you need anything else, please let me know? 

They replied to me and said it was an Outlook problem and forwarded it on to someone on that team.

Hi folks, thanks for sending us samples. This is super helpful! We are actively looking into the issue and expect to have a fix out shortly. 

Does anybody know if I am missing something here? Both of the linked articles suggested that it should be possible to respond to approvals directly from Outlook? When I click Accept/Reject I land at the Approvals centre on the flow website. It doesn’t make any difference which account is used, I am unable to action the approval directly in Outlook, desktop or web.





I am currently using Outlook version 1808, is this the expected behaviour?

Hi @Paul Mitchell  and everyone,


I am facing the same issue now.

I just want them to approve via email button.

Did you get any luck?



@Pranjali- Yes, everything works as expected now.

hi @Paul Mitchell 


Thanks for your reply.

Which action are you using ?

I have tried both approval actions available and it opens the flow approval page for me for both.




Hello @Pranjali 

We are using Start an approval





@Merwan Hade What was the fix to this? I have just started having the same issue after having made no changes to my flow since I last ran it.