Fixing Outlook 365 problem with IMAP account

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Hi folks


First post here and could use some guidance.




Wife has two computers; let's call them PC1 and PC2. Outlook 365 on both with IMAP and one/same email account attached to each. PC1 also has two additional PST files added. Long story short... Outlook on PC1 would not start and Microsoft stated that Office files were corrupted and a reinstall of Office was necessary. Office install has been done.


On PC1, connecting email account again with IMAP would mean download of around 38k emails in Inbox, 75k in Sent and around 10k more in other folders. Trying to identify read/unread emails in Inbox would be worse than totally impractical. So, purchased a third party OST to PST product that read the OST file on PC1 and created a PST file - this has now been added to Outlook on PC1 and reads ok.


My intent then was to delete everything off the email server since the most recent email on the now converted PST file, and then create the email account in Outlook on PC1 and download those remaining emails that she could sort through with relative ease.


Now, PC2, that she doesn't use much and hadn't opened Outlook for quite some time has been used since the problem occurred. It seems that Outlook on PC2 (same email account with IMAP) was started and this has downloaded loads of emails and appears to reflect what's on the email server.





1. Can I follow my original plan: Delete emails off email server for Inbox, Trash, Sent Items and the private folders created  for PC1 and then create that account on PC1 and that will download just the remaining folders/accounts there?


2. Will this deletion off the email server have any negative impact on the folders and emails on PC2 that is now current with the server? Would that delete from the email server have any ripple impact to PC2, beyond that the original emails are no longer on that email server?


Any gotchas or better solutions?


Many thanks.


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