FineTime is using Skype For Business vs Teams

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We have been using FindTime for a few years and it has always created meeting notices using Teams. Recently though it started using Skype for Business, which is a problem as we don't even use it. We were in Islands mode, and I guess recently MS switched what that used. We switched islands mode long before there was a teams only mode.


So yesterday per this article, I switched to Teams Only mode, and it said it could take 4 hrs to take effect.


18 hrs later though, FindTime is still using Skype for Business. I checked the Teams admin panel and it is indeed in Teams Only mode.

So where else can I look to get FindTime in Outlook to use Teams? I did find an article that mentioned users should change it in their FindTime dashboard, but there is no Teams/Skype setting in the dashboard, just generic calendaring preferences. I even looked through the Office 365 for IT Pros that Tony Redmond produces and could find nothing on this.



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@Ed Hansberry Hi, FindTime uses your coexistence setting so I suppose you need to wait even longer for it to take effect. Bear in mind that things as meeting policies can take up to 48 hours sometimes, so if you're on Teams-only it should be fine.


I can recall that you should delete the "Skype for Business setting in your dashboard" to use Teams but as you say people just can't seem to find a setting like that.


Let me know how it goes!

Thanks @ChristianBergstrom 


After two days I got frustrated and opened an ticket. Today when we went in to test, it was working fine, so the 48 hrs may not be enough. It took at least 3 days. I cannot say whether it was up to 6 days as took a mini-vacation over the weekend. So it definitly fixed it, but it is way WAY more than the 4 hrs it says when I made the change.